Time To Paint!

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Time To Paint!

I’ve begun the task of designing our little man’s bedroom.

To be honest, I started it months ago.


I got as far as painting the base color.

We’ve been asked a few times what theme we’re going with: Trains? Noah’s Ark? Animals? Boats?… With so many possibilities, I needed to organize my ideas. So, I created an inspiration board.

Although we haven’t gone with anything overly obvious, you could say C’s room theme is going to be a mash-up of some of our favorite things: travel, culture, bold and soft tones, and a couple items inspired by my favorite children’s stories and illustrations.

The Beginning!

And, what brainstorming session would be complete without a napkin drawing?

Extra Note… For those of you following our adoption story C’s in 23 months old today! One more month and he’ll be 2! What are we sending him for his birthday? It’s a surprise! (For now) Check-in with us August 28th, to find out!

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