Throwback Thursday and Mr Rogers

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Throwback Thursday and Mr Rogers

Last week, I attended Parent’s Summit 2016 and heard Joshua Straub, a professor of child development, speak. At one point in his talk, he mentioned one of my favorite childhood TV shows, Mr Rogers.

I had forgotten all about the tuneful, neighborly, sweater-wearing man that inspired a generation by way of trolley and make-believe! Why had I not thought to share this with my son?

On Monday, can you guess what we did? Yep, we sat down to watch Mr Rodgers!

Excited to share a piece of my childhood with my son, we grabbed our comfy blanket and snacks, sat on the couch, and pressed play. We were about one minute in when I thought, maybe this wasn’t a good idea.

Mr. Rogers seemed creepy.

Maybe it was his 80′s attire or his unusually thick eyebrows; maybe it was his sudden breakouts into song.

Creepy or not, Mr Rogers wasn’t exactly the way I remembered him.

I looked over at my son to gauge his level of interest… he was captivated from the opening song! But, I guess, why wouldn’t he be? This man could sing, change sweaters and toss his shoes hand-to-hand on beat. So, we kept watching. And, while there were many concepts I found to be incredibly valuable from our inaugural viewing, it was one quote that won me over…

Every person, whether little or big, is a human being. And because we are human, there are many things that are alike about all of us. For instance, we all need to be loved… Everybody does. Every person that you see in this world needs to be loved. -Mr Rogers

Before our move to Wisconsin, I owned a photography business, Melenbacker Photography (our lifestyle work) and Shane Melenbacker (our commercial work), with my husband for over 9 years. Together, we had the opportunity to meet many people from all over the world. Never was the quote above more moving than when I looked into the eyes the strangers who allowed us to photograph them during our travels. Their images grew a love in my heart for people, no matter how different our backgrounds, beliefs or living conditions may be. This love became a reality that changed my life forever, for the best, when I was given a portrait of a stranger, who in time, would become my son.

So, in honor of Mr. Rodgers, here’s a throwback Thursday post with a chance to look into the eyes of just a few of the people who’s portraits have never left my heart…

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