Taking A Break

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As we work to move forward with our adoption, it seems an endless road of paper-cuts and legal documents. Something about the idea of our child being out there somewhere just makes me want to bring them home all the more! The result? I’ve been completely invested in moving this process along as fast as possible and lately, this has equated to me finding myself buried under a pile of papers.

Sunday afternoon, my husband pulled out the books for his master’s study and once again, I began to pull out the adoption papers. Dragging myself to the table, I puffed as I stared at the 2″ binder that just barely organized the craziness. Originally, I’d thought it plenty large to handle its task. I was wrong.

As I contemplated its 3″ replacement, my husband must have noticed my frazzled appearance from across the table. “Why don’t you paint today? Take a day or so to stop and create.” I took a moment to consider his proposal… That would mean not doing paperwork! I can’t take a break now, the arrival of our child DEPENDS on it! Nope, I was determined to keep plugging along.

My husband insisted, telling me I could always come back to the paperwork after an hour or so, “You’re always happier when you’ve had time to work on the things you love.” He was right. It had been a while since I’d given time to my art, music… writing. So, I took a much needed break and pulled out my paints, pencils, pastels and canvases. I can’t say I came away with anything I would considered usable work, but, that wasn’t the point. The point, was simply to take time for myself.

As I look to our family’s future, I have no doubt life will never be the same once our adoption is complete and our child home. I will take on new roles and to some extent, an evolved identity. But, we make time for the things that are important to us and, while being there for my family is important, taking time to grow the person God created me to be as an individual is just as important. I need to remember that.

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