Say it With a Pumpkin

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Say it With a Pumpkin

I LOVE this time of year – when the leaves turn various shades of yellow and red, and there’s a crisp feeling in the air! This year, we celebrated with a little friendly competition, carving pumpkins!

Pumpkin seeds were flying,
outdoor heaters were cranked,
and the power tools were at full strength!


We were all freezing.

But, there was enough motivation to keep us all going and having a great time
between the friendly competition…

Holiday treats…

…and MYSTERY prizes! (I forgot to take pictures of these!)

The night had one guarantee: There would be prizes! But, no guarantee in prize satisfaction.

All prizes were white-elephant gifts and consisted of random items like: cans of tomato soup, apple juice boxes, candy, ect. The highlight of my night was when a tie was broken with a quick game of bear, hunter, ninja! If you aren’t sure what that it, here’s a FedEx Commercial that shows it. Pretty funny watching your friends compete for a prize this way! Hahahahhhh, still makes me laugh.

Well, until next year’s pumpkin carving…


said with the help of some pumpkins.

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