About Me

In the past, I considered myself mostly musical. But more recently, I have settled upon the title of Creative. I’m an artist and love most all things creative. I sing, play, write, paint, draw, design and photograph.

At the age of 16, I knew what I wanted to do: write, sing, manage, produce… really anything within the music business. I was accepted into a university music program with nearly a full-ride scholarship and was on the way to my future career. Then in 2003, a year from graduating, a near-fatal car accident temporarily confined me to a wheel chair and I developed bloodclots in my lungs. Unable to sing (a requirement for my degree), I added a minor in Visual Communications and Design until I could return to the music program. I’ll admit I lost myself for a while. My passion for music and art faded, and a disconnect between me and God began. Restoration has been a work of God and time. Complications from that car accident, so many years ago, led me down paths I never expected to walk. And, while there are some things that will never be the same, that moment of misfortune led to one of the greatest blessings in my life, the adoption of our son.

I began this blog as a creative outlet for myself after realizing I am closest to God, my creator, when actively doing what I believe I was purposed to do… creating. This blog is my creative journal, taking you with me on my journey and into my personal thoughts. It’s purpose is also meant to be a link between creatives as from time to time industry professionals from various mediums, will also be sharing their thoughts, challenges and workings with you as guest bloggers. I love new ideas and hearing about others passions and dreams.

For the curious, I did complete both my Music Business degree as well as my minor in Visual Communications and Design. I worked within the commercial and wedding photography industry for over 9 years as the business owner and chief editor for Melenbacker Photography and Shane Melenbacker Photography.

I now spend most of my time working within our home, raising our son, and completing both personal and commissioned creative projects as they come to me (designing, writing, painting…).