Project Restoration

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Project Restoration

One of my hobbies is purchasing old pieces of furniture (some, that would otherwise be considered trash) and giving them new life. Sometimes pieces can be a little challenging, but I love seeing them finished. For the ones in major need of an overhaul, it makes me happy to know a little piece of history has been saved from the garbage heap.

Since the summer, I’ve been stacking away my treasured finds and refinishing them one by one as I have time. But the exciting part? Just a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine opened her new shop Redesign Coach and invited me to sell my pieces at her shop! If you live nearby, you’ll have to check it out! It’s a beautiful store and Amy has SO much talent.

You may remember the furniture pieces I had pictured in my last post? If you didn’t catch it, click here to see it. Here they are finished and in her shop (update: the large round table has sold. But for now, the matching end tables are still available)

My work, tagged as “ENM Creative”, has been there since day one and we’ve already seen a few pieces get snatched up by some lucky people. Like most creatives, I tend to get a little attached to each piece I create, so it’s nice knowing that they’re finding new homes.

But today, I just finished this retro school desk from 1970! When I saw it and the school-house scribbles on the inside, I knew this was a keeper. Well… I’m selling it, but I can’t tell you how close I came to keeping this for myself son! Anyhow, this piece will be delivered to the shop sometime tomorrow, so if you pop by, you can see it in person there!

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