My Second Quilt! Finished!

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My Second Quilt! Finished!

Yay, my son’s quilt is done! He’s been waiting, and waiting for this… at least, he was.

He used to tell everyone how excited he was to be getting his very own quilt (His cousin got one for Christmas). But then, somewhere along the way, maybe around month 5 or 6, I think he lost hope when it still wasn’t finished.

But, the wait has finally paid off!

I can’t remember exactly how many colors I used for this pattern but I think it was somewhere around 40.

The entire quilt was made of strips 1-4 inches wide, sown together, then cut into squares. I laid out finished squares as I went to make sure matching colors weren’t too close to each other.

I’m sure a more experienced quilter could have created this quilt in no time. I however, have a little trouble with the quilting part of quilt-making. After I began quilting, messed it up, took it apart, cried a little and began again, I found I had more luck when I used a spray adhesive in combination with pinning. (I hate this part of quilting SO MUCH! If the finished product didn’t look so awesome, I would never quilt again! I’m planning to take lessons at a local quilting store and use their giant machine next time.)

I quilted free-style straight lines for my top pattern.

And here it is finished! You’ll have to forgive the wrinkles. I let my son drag it around and host tea parties on it for a bit before I photographed it.

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