My Favorite Wedding Location

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My Favorite Wedding Location

When we first began our photography business we specialized in wedding and engagement photography. Since then, our business has grown to include commercial and editorial photography as well and has slowly begun to make it’s emphasis in these two areas. However, we still love the weddings we commit to each year and are thankful for every couple we meet along the way.

Over the years, we’ve traveled around the nation: Iowa, Kentucky, Tennessee, California, Washington, North Dakota, Chicago, Texas, Oregon, Virginia… and the world: Tanzania, Kenya, Dubai, The Cayman Islands, India, China… But, one of my favorite locations is still The Arbor Day Farms in Nebraska City, NE. It’s a beautiful place to visit and an even more beautiful wedding venue! The images I’ve included below are from Allison and Mitch’s wedding photographed there last Friday. This series includes some of my favorites from their preparation and portrait session.

Now, although I LOVE Arbor Day Farms, I will say that I’m not fond of the lighting in their Arbor Day Lodge suites. There is little light in the rooms to begin with, but the lighting that does exist creates a mash-up of green and yellow which turns almost anyone’s skin tone into a color similar to one suffering from jaundice. Among many wedding photographers in Nebraska, this is a well known fact. With that said, I will also say that if you know how to use this lighting and work with the space you’re given, you can make it work to your advantage. Shane, my husband, is incredibly talented with this and I only know what I do because of him. (All images copyright Melenbacker Photography)

Wedding day portraits! These are always some of my favorite images from any wedding day. Hopefully, with the scenery shown, you can begin to see why this location is one of my favorites.

And, one more just because I think it’s pretty much impossible to see too much of Allison’s smile! She has such a beautiful and genuine smile!! This image was captured using the window light in her room.

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  1. We were so blessed to have you at the wedding Friday night and the pictures look great! We cannot wait to see more from the wedding. You are so great to work with…

    • Erin

      Thank you Shelly; we loved working with your family! I can hardly wait for you to see the rest, it was hard to narrow down what images we’d feature.

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