Live! With NTV’s Good Life!

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Live! With NTV’s Good Life!

Today, my morning began with a visit to the set of NTV’s Good Life! It was SO much fun and I was honored to be a part of their morning! What a great group to start my day with!

A couple weeks ago, I was invited to sing a couple of my original songs, share our family’s adoption journey and let their viewers know about the coffeehouse concert I’ll be doing this Friday at Barista’s Daily Grind!

Image below: Am I ready? On my way to the station!

Image below: A foggy morning arrival to NTV.

Every day since being invited, I have been practicing multiple times per day, taking vitamins and drinking tons of water. This may sound silly, but there’s a few things that I think every musician fears or has feared at some point in time. (Here’s your special insider’s look at the fears that run through a musician’s mind):

1. The day of your concert arrives and you’re sick. There’s nothing you can do. Your voice will either crack, catch or you’ll have this uncontrollable urge to cough. Or, you just loose your voice entirely.

2. You have a blank moment. You know what I’m talking about! That moment when you go to do something you’ve done a thousand times and somehow, everything looks foreign. It’s similar to the moment you go to write a word and for some reason you can’t spell it. Or, when you do, it doesn’t look right. In those moments you have three choices: you make it up and hope no one notices, you admit your mistake and start again, or you stop and run out of the room. Haha, obviously that last one’s kind of a joke, but I’m sure it’s been done.

3. You simply make a mistake. Singing or playing, it happens. You have a moment where you either get too comfortable or too tense and lose control of your voice or your hands slip from the right chords.

When any or all of these things happen, it can become a complete mental game that you play with yourself.

Best case scenario, you laugh it off, so does your crowd and you move on. Worst case, you can’t pull it together, people boo you off the stage and your critiques have a hay-day reviewing your WORSE PERFORMANCE EVER! Ok, so maybe that’s not entirely reality (at least most times), but that’s what we (every musician I’ve ever known) fears is at least a possibility.

For me, part of getting over stage freight is taking in my environment. I find that if I let myself connect with the people I’m singing to, I do much better. Years ago, I would try and pretend you weren’t out there, listening to me, hearing every word I say. But in reality, all it did was make me feel alone and more vulnerable than ever! Somehow, seeing people’s faces or the laughs and smiles of others enjoying their time makes me more at ease, even when I am the person on stage that they’re listening to.

Anyways… I’m happy to report that none of the horrifying fear scenarios above happened to me today! It was a great time!

Image below: Getting ready to go live!

So, bring on the concert!

Are YOU coming?

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