Ignite! – A Ministry Logo Design

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Ignite! – A Ministry Logo Design

I recently received a phone call about a new ministry launching in our area and was asked if I’d be interested in taking on their logo design. I haven’t designed many logos since college but thought it sounded like a fun challenge. I thought about it for a moment then said, “I can’t make any promises (I really had my doubts on whether my attempts would be successful), but I’ll try.”

Here’s what I ended up with…

This first element I chose to tackle was what I thought would be the focal point for the overall design. I had the idea to create something that reminds a person of either a campfire or lighter, so, first-things-first… a flame.

Next, I wanted the ministry goals and beliefs to be represented in the font so I chose to make parts of the lettering graphical representations of thorns. This could either represent the “Crown of Thorns” from the Crucifixion or that we as people each have our imperfections and need an ultimate hope or “light”.

The final flame icon…

The final text logo with the flame incorporated…

There is a second ministry attached to this one which is also in need of a logo. For that one, I’ve partnered with a friend but hope to share it’s results with you as well once we’ve finished it.

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