Hong Kong… The Beginning

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Hong Kong… The Beginning

Our US departure began at 4:30am with a flight to Chicago and then a five hour layover.

Long? Ya.

But, would you believe it? Over the past year, we’d kept in touch with a family we’d met in an adoption class. They were also adopting from China and the crazy thing? A year later, we were both referred boys with cleft lips and palates and were approved for the same travel dates! AND, without any purposeful coordination, it just happened that we had the same layovers in Chicago! The whole five hours!

Time with our friends flew by!

In what seemed like no time, Shane and I boarded our plane and said a “See ya soon!” to our friends. We’d see each other again the last week of our trip when we all arrived in Guangzhou for our son’s visas.

15 hours later… HONG KONG!

We practically ran off the plane. Partly because we were ready to go, but also because I discovered any flight over ten hours makes me sick. For the first time ever I found myself incredibly thankful for those little plastic-lined bags they keep neatly tucked away in the back of every seat.

Once at our hotel, in downtown Hong Kong, we settled in for the night. Well, sort of. We may have slept a total of 3 hours before we gave up on sleep. At 5:30am, we got ready for the day and hit the streets. We had two days before moving to our next destination and we didn’t want to miss a second!

At a walk’s distance were all kinds of shops and markets…

Image Above: This gentleman painted a calligraphy of our son’s name for us.

…the Hong Kong Harbor, the Avenue of Stars and The Hong Kong Film Awards Statuette.

Each night at the harbor, there is a laser show put on by the businesses surrounding it. Everything is synced with music that is played over a sound system.

The next day we took a bus around the island and a lift to one of the tallest points in Hong Kong. It was beautiful to look down on the city and see the mountainous terrain around it!

To say the least, Hong Kong was amazing! We loved the food, the landscape, the shops and a bonus was that almost everywhere you went, someone spoke English, even the taxi drivers! It was such a treat to see this part of the world.

And, nearly as quickly as we’d arrived, we were on our way to our next destination – a remote city, surrounded by mountainous terrain, in south-central China, to meet our son!

Coming Soon: Where East Meets West

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