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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 | 1 comment

Update: We are officially logged in with China, have received our child’s match AND our Letter of Acceptance confirming it! To read more about him (yes, I said him!), click here! What’s next? We’re moving toward travel clearances and hope to travel before the year’s end! These are truly exciting times in our home. So, stay tuned. Things are just getting interesting!

We are encouraged when people ask us: “How’s the adoption going?” or “Where are you at in your adoption process?”!

Usually, these questions are followed with responses like… “We just finished our 2nd fingerprinting!” or “Our dossier documents are now in DC!” or “We just got our I-797 approval for immigration!”

I had to laugh yesterday when I thought of all the loving and amazing friends who’ve made it a point to ask these questions so we know they care about us and our future child. I’ve watched you smile in response to our answers, muster as much excitement as possible, and say, “That’s GREAT!” But we’ve seen the glossed-over expressions in your eyes and know you’re really just thinking “What does it MEAN???”


We’ve realized it’s pretty hard to follow someone’s journey and be excited through the different stages when you can’t see the whole picture. So, we created the timeline below so we can walk this journey together!

Appropriately named “Follow Our Hearts”, you’ll notice that there’s a little red heart that will move from time to time to show you where exactly we are in our adoption process. It’s where our hearts wait for the moment while we look forward to bringing our child home!

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  1. I’m so anxious to hear if you got your referral this week! The emotions are overwhelming. We found out on Tuesday we have a SON! I can’t wait to hear your story and hopefully travel with you!!


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