Featured Cover – NE Wedding Day Magazine

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Featured Cover – NE Wedding Day Magazine

When photographing magazine, commercial or editorial work there’s usually a decent wait between the time we photograph the imagery and when it’s shared with you, the public. Although the images are usually created and edited in a matter of weeks (sometimes days depending upon the client’s needs), it takes time for the magazine to be finalized and sent to print. Once printed, we then await the official public release of the issue or blog that features our imagery; it’s the final ok that tells us we can now safely share our images with you!

Last fall, we worked with the talented team at Nebraska Wedding Day Magazine to photograph the 2012 Fall featured spread and cover image. The images below are just a few from the spread; a sneak peek of the images also featured on NWD’s blog. The magazine hits shelves July 1st and will be available almost everywhere magazines are sold in Nebraska including a few neighboring states, so be sure to grab a copy to see the rest!

A shot of some of the Nebraska Wedding Day team on site at the shoot…

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