Collecting Ideas – 7 Creative Go-To Sites

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Collecting Ideas – 7 Creative Go-To Sites

I’m a collector. As a child I collected stickers, pencils, erasers, seashells, colored rocks dug from the backyard… you get the idea. And yes, that last one was a real example.

When I was 8 or so, I spent weeks digging in our yard, collecting tiny colored rocks. Washed, dried and carefully stored in an old candy jar, I placed my rainbow-colored treasures in the laundry room at the end of each day. One day, I came home from school to find them missing. In a panic, I grabbed the empty jar and ran to my mom in tears. Unaware of the value those tiny pebbles had in the eyes of an 8 year-old, she’d dumped them in the backyard garden.

Now, some children would accept defeat and move on to another project. Not me (I was a pretty determined child). I restarted my acquisition for colored rocks the next day beginning with the ones dumped in the garden.

As an adult, I still have a tendency to collect the things I find beautiful. I have files of design and art ideas: pamphlets, brochures, packaging… But, what I love about the digital world is that it enables my collecting to go paperless. Now my space to store and collect is virtually unlimited! (haha! Come on, that was punny.)

Below I’ve listed the top seven sites I find myself “collecting” from most. Do you have any to add? Feel welcome to leave a comment if you have one to share and inspire us!


Ok, so most everyone already knows about Pinterest, but it’s still one of my favorites. With the ability to mark, store, organize and make note of anything I find on the web, this site’s pretty hard to compete with.


It’s kind of the home decor version of Pinterest. You can browse and mark thousands upon thousands of professionally designed homes, rooms and outdoor living spaces. If you’re redesigning a room, home or landscape, this is a great resource!


A creative collection of “Ideas Worth Sharing.” This site is full of web videos and links almost guaranteed to inspire and get you thinking.


A website that collects inspiring quotes, videos, images and articles.


With the goal of “Curating The Very Best Packaging Design,” if you love beautifully packaged products, you’ll love this site.


A fairly new site created by Fast Company that has daily updates featuring “pioneers who are meshing tech, culture, and commerce in new ways.”


Tips for creatives of various mediums as well links to creative resources.

Don’t forget, if you have one to add, please share it with us!

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