Christmas Special! Ask The Artist – Singer/Songwriter, Jenn Bostic

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Christmas Special! Ask The Artist – Singer/Songwriter, Jenn Bostic

I am SO excited to induce the next artist in my “Ask The Artist” series to you, Jenn Bostic!

Recently returned from her tour in the UK and having just completed a North American tour, with sold-out shows at the Hotel Café in L.A. and Rockwood Music Hall in N.Y., Jenn is an incredibly gifted singer and songwriter.

In 2012 alone, Jenn has won five 2012 Independent Country Music Association Awards, including Overall Winner, Best Female Country Artist, Best Musician, Best Songwriter and Country Music Song of the Year for “Jealous of the Angels.”

Her new album “Jealous” on the Absolute label, includes her song “Jealous of The Angels,” produced by Barrett Yeretsian, the writer/producer of the hit “Jar of Hearts” for Christina Perri. The song is loved by fans around the world and it’s music video has reached over 1 million hits on YouTube!

The best news is JENN’S TAKING YOUR QUESTIONS! You have until this Wednesday at midnight to leave your questions for Jenn in the comments section of this post. She will be responding to you during that time! Check out the video she made especially for you below!

Jenn Bostic’s career as a singer and songwriter began at a young age, shortly after her father was killed in a horrific car accident while taking her and her brother to school. Her dad was a hobby musician, played a variety of instruments, including accordion, and taught her folk songs like “Sunny Side of the Street,” introducing her to the sounds of Emmylou Harris and Bonnie Raitt. It was her father’s influence that sparked Jenn’s love for folk, blues, R&B, soul, show tunes and, eventually, country.

Raised in Waconia, Minnesota, Jenn grew up singing with her family around the piano. But, seeing her father die in front of her made her angry with God at first. It wasn’t until later that she found an outlet for her sorrow through music and songwriting.

“The first time I was able to sit down at the piano and play, I shut my eyes and honestly felt a presence next to me,” Jenn said. “I poured my heart into those first few songs. The only way I could connect and be with my dad was when I played music. And I still feel that way.”

“Jealous of the Angels,” came out of a songwriting session. “It started with the phrase, ‘around the throne tonight,’” she explains. “I just began writing down pages of my feelings about my dad, read them to the others and they started picking out pieces. We just mapped out all these emotions and placed them in the song. When I play ‘Angels,’ and people come up to me and tell me a story about losing a loved one, how the song touched them and helped them heal, that means more to me than anything.”

In college, Jenn attended the famed Berklee School of Music, where she honed her performance skills while studying music education, a field still vitally important to her. After graduation, she relocated to Nashville, where she fell in with the local community, taking part in writers’ rounds and performing on a regular basis.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned as an artist is to stop worrying about what I think everybody else wants and to write music that I love,” she says. “When I started to focus on touching lives, that’s when things started happening, and that’s what makes me happy.”

What’s her goal? “I’m a big dreamer,” she admits. “Winning a Grammy is the ultimate goal. I’ve visualized it happening; next step is making that dream a reality.”

If you’d like to see Jenn live, she still has a couple performances left in 2012, including one at the famous Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN as a part of “Opry at the Ryman!” To see her tour schedule, buy tickets or her latest album, visit Jenn’s site at

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  1. What do you think was one of the best things you did when starting out? Performing as often as possible? Attending Conferences? What advice would you give other musicians just starting out?

    • Heather,

      Performing as often as possible was definitely something that helped me. I had stage fright as a kid, so much that my legs, voice and hands would shake uncontrollably. The more I performed the more comfortable I became. As a songwriter, I play a lot of solo acoustic shows, and accompanying myself on piano was definitely challenging at first. I forced myself to book shows and get out there to play. Now I hardly get nervous at all. :) I’ve also attended a few conferences like SXSW and the ASCAP Expo, both of which were great! I had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people and learn so much from the panels.

      Thanks for your question!


  2. It seems most artists are writing and singing their own songs now. Is there a market anymore for a songwriter just to be a songwriter and not perform?

    • Absolutely! Living in Nashville I have done a lot of co-writing, which seems to be something that happens a lot down south. Collaborating with artists and other great songwriters can be a great way to learn and grow as a songwriter, as well as expanding your network. If the right artist hears a song that compels them to share it I don’t think it will matter who wrote it. :)

      Great question!


  3. Hi Jenn,
    Will you be touring te UK in the near future and if so will there be any Scottish dates?

    Thanks for your music and words, they are so touching and inspirational.

    Fondest regards

    Martin xx

    • Martin,

      Yes yes yes! I can’t wait to tour the UK in 2013 (hopefully EARLY 2013). :) I will absolutely let my team know that I would LOVE to go to Scotland and we’ll see what we can arrange. Thanks for the request and I look forward to meeting you someday in the future! Thanks for your encouragement!


  4. Just discovered your music and love it!!! I have no musical talent but have always wondered how long it takes to make a CD. From the initial stages of songwriting to finished product. Looking forward to hearing more music from you and thank you so much for sharing!

    • Hey Lisa!

      Great question! The CD process is different for everyone. My first album “Keep Lookin’ For Love” was about a 6 month writing process, and a 3 month recording and printing process. My EP “Change”" and latest album “Jealous” came together in different pieces, as they are songs that were in my catalog and I was working with a few different producers. The financial aspect is usually the biggest hiccup for an independent artist. Once the songs are written and the money is earned the recording process can usually go fairly quickly.


  5. Hi Jenn. God forbid, but if you couldn’t be in the music business, what do you think you would choose as a career? What are your interest besides music? What are your passions? From 1978 thru ’84 I made many great friends backstage at the Grand ole Opry. Some are still around and some aren’t unfortuatly. But I have to say I have never took such interest and followed a career as I have your’s. Something about the combination of your talents and faith that makes me wish for you the very best in life and your career. To God be the Glory! Thanks for the music.

    • Steve,

      To God be the glory indeed! Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, I am overwhelmed by your kindness! I’ll give you two answers because I’m not sure the first isn’t cheating.

      1. I have a degree in music education from Berklee College of Music and would love to teach kids about music in either a classroom or camp setting someday. I could also see myself as a full time teacher. That would be absolutely incredible.

      2. I really enjoyed my psychology classes in college, and I love trying to understand where different people and feelings come from. Communication is such an amazing tool and sometimes people have a difficult way of expressing true emotion behind what they might be feeling. If I could help people in this way I think that would be incredible as well.

      Thanks for asking!


  6. Kind of along the lines of Heather’s question. What’s your thoughts on workshops or songwriting contests? Worth it? Or is there something else you’d recommend for beginners?

    • Kathleen,

      I think you should constantly increase your chances of luck. I have a publishing deal right now because I entered a songwriting competition based in the UK (We Are Listening) on a whim. My current publisher was judging the session after the one I had won and they sent him my song. He also lived in Nashville and called me up one day, became my mentor for awhile and now he’s my publisher. That’s obviously not how it works all the time, but getting your music out there and in different parts of the industry is important. :)

      Hope that helps! Great question!


  7. I’m sure this is what you do full-time now, but was there a long time that you had to work another job?

    Also, what’s your favorite moment so far as a musician?

    • Scott,

      I have worked so many odd jobs; instructing line dance, working retail, substitute teaching, assisting documentaries, and singing in cover bands have all helped me pay the bills over the years. I still substitute teach every now and then, but I’m very grateful to be doing music full time. All those jobs made this season that much sweeter.

      There are so many moments that I hold so close to my heart and it’s impossible to pick just one, but a favorite is the first time I saw “Jealous of the Angels” have an impact on someone else. A woman came up to me at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennessee, after our performance and she had tears in her eyes. She told me that she knew I had played that song for her tonight as her father had passed away two days earlier. It was the first sliver of emotional response I had seen for the most special song I had written, the one closest to my heart. I felt like I had found my purpose.

      These were awesome questions! Thanks for participating!


  8. Hey Jenn,

    I really enjoyed “Jealous Of The Angels”. What is your song writing process?

    • Hey Hannah!

      Thank you so much! Each song is different and it has its own journey. Sometimes I start with the lyric, sometimes the music, sometimes just a concept. “Jealous of the Angels” started with the idea of “Around the throne,” in reference to honoring my dad, and it turned into something so different, but so therapeutic for me.

      Great question!


  9. Erin

    I love the rhythm, melody and lyrics in Snowstorm! Is there a story behind the lyrics?

  10. Hey Erin,

    Thank you so much! Snowstorm was written in a really difficult season. My husband and I had just gotten married and we were trying to figure out how to budget our life together. We weren’t doing that well and the bills kept piling higher and higher. It felt like everything that could go wrong did go wrong in that season. However, you and I both know those challenges make us stronger, and I’m glad I at least got a song out of the whole scenario. :)

    Thanks for asking!!!


  11. Really enjoy your music it’s like a breath of fresh air keep up your wonderfull songs what did you enjoy the most when you tour the uk? Keep well Alan

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