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Ok, I know I’ve disappeared for a while. Hmmm, where to begin?

Since welcoming home our son home…

We’ve moved to a new city! Actually, a new state. Leaving our hometown of 14+ yrs, I cried many tears as the Cornhusker state faded from view. It has been a period of loss, adjustment, rebuilding and renewing. After almost one year in our new home, I can say we’ve slowly begun to find a new normal. We’ve found a wonderful church we’ve been able to get involved in, have made new friends and begun learning the ways of our new environment. Around here, that means: cheese, the Packers, beer, brats, and at times, thick polish accents. Haha, that last one has been fun. Have you ever been asked “what’s your name from home?” If not, let me rephrase, “What’s your maiden name?” All-in-all, we like our new home and have enjoyed the adventure.

This is also the home of Ocean Spray! We had fun along with 10,000+ others at the 2015 cranberry festival!

Lakes and rivers are in abundance here, so this summer some friends lent us their kayaks!

We took a little time this summer to see Bayfield and Madeline Island in the U.P.

Winter here also means snow and usually lots of it! A ski jumping competition we watched shortly after our move.

The pumpkin carving competition continues at our new location! We were so excited to share this night with new friends and old as 7 of our friends from NE were visiting!

Along with our move, came a career change for myself. After 9+ years of owning a photography business and specializing in wedding and commercial imagery, I left the world of business for a really cute 3 year old. He keeps me entertained to say the least and his newest game is pretending to squeeze me so hard that I “Pop”. I’ve loved being a stay at home mom. As an introvert, it has definitely stretched me (sometimes it’s a challenge to use the bathroom without little eyes peeking in) but I honestly can’t imagine not being home with our little man. We still have regular speech and medical appointments so being home has been a big help to all of us.

One thing that has not changed is my random creative projects. I always feel most fulfilled when I’m actively creating or being a part of something creative. MANY individual and co-creation projects have been in the works and one by one, they’re reaching completion. Some of them I’m pretty excited to share with you! I’ll save those for next time.

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