Beyond Average – Cartoon

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Beyond Average – Cartoon

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As my bio briefly mentions, my educational background is in music, business and visual communications. With that said, I’ll also admit that as time goes by I find myself forgetting a lot of what I learned in school.

Many times, it’s the full-time job or career we obtain once out of school that determines whether or not we actively use the tools we’ve learned. If you have a job you love that encourages you to be creative on a daily basis, this can be a great thing. However, creative job or not, we can easily find ourselves doing the minimum. We get busy, we work and do only that which is assigned to us; completing projects and meeting deadlines only to produce a product that fits someone else’s mold.

Sure, it pays the bills. But, when we only work to produce things for others, do we reach our maximum creative potential? In light of what we’re actually capable of are we settling to be a C player? I had fun creating the cartoon below for this idea. Louis is a character in one of my children’s stories; a strong-willed little boy who trouble often finds due to his love for shortcuts and taking the easy road.

For myself, I think my best work is done when it’s beginnings are personal. You know, the projects we start because they are built upon something we love. These self-guided projects are driven by an interest or curiosity that pours something into our work that a simple deadline could never produce. Passion.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons I began my “year of creativity”. After years of only producing work for clients, I found myself in a metaphorical box feeling constrained and frustrated. I felt creatively dry and without inspiration.

So, I dug out my paints, brushed the dust from my sketchbooks, opened my journals and made a choice to dedicate time to my passions. I’ve been working on that a lot, testing my skills and seeking to find my niche… painting, drawing, graphic design, writing children’s stories, composing music… it’s all been a part of a process to rediscover my creative self.

This blog has been a way of sharing my adventure with you and I’m excited as I see you participating with me. From those who’ve sent me links to creative blogs, articles and book ideas to those who’ve dusted off your own art supplies and music stands and begun your own creative revival… I love being inspired by you!

And on that note, what are you doing to get out of the box and take your work beyond average?

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