BBQ Update! Did We See You There?

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BBQ Update! Did We See You There?

Sunday was an amazing day!

Our preparation began months ago, but the real push began Saturday afternoon and continued throughout the night as we finalized signs, banners and decorations. A friend’s dad, along with the company of a couple other guys (Shane included), roasted the pig throughout the night for us.

(image below: in Shane’s words… “How men BBQ”)

The pig turned, the signs were made, and before we knew it, Sunday morning had arrived! Although we had a few morning obstacles, such as the breakers blowing when we plugged the multitude of food roasters in, they were soon resolved and the event started almost exactly at noon!

While everyone has their own favorite memories from the day, mine was the music. The Talbott Brothers were up first and their opening number was an energetic attention grabber. I had a good laugh watching the faces of friends I knew who had never heard their music. Their stunned expressions said what all of us were thinking, these guys are great! We can hardly wait for the release of their second album, The Road, that will be available later this year.

Next, it was my turn.
As my friends, Hannah and Rachel joined me on stage, I looked out…

and I saw you.

I saw the picnic tables that had been pulled near from around the park and our friends manning booths; giving so much of their time to our family.

I saw the line for BBQ and the kids running wildly through the grass with painted faces resembling Batman, Spiderman, rainbows and hearts.

So many of you… sitting, listening and looking back at me in support.

I spent the next 20 minutes trying to distract myself through each song, doing all I could to hold it together and sing the songs written in dedication to our little boy. What a privilege it was to sing to you!

Finally, our friends Luke and Spencer of Formerly Three took stage. Having these guys there Sunday was very special to Shane and me. We’ve known each other since college and although we’ve rarely lived in the same city, it’s been fun catching up over the years. Formerly Three may be considered a “local” band to those of us living in Kearney, but we’re just lucky. They’re anything but “local” in sound. These guys are truly gifted musicians.

The sun was shining, the temperature perfect, the food delicious and the music awesome! I don’t think we could have asked for a better day.

So, where are we now with our fundraising?

I am incredible excited to tell you that this past Sunday’s event helped us reach our first goal of $6,500! If that seems like an odd number, there’s a reason. We’ve received two matching grants for a total of… wait for it… $6,500! Which means all the donations we’ve received to date are currently being doubled to a total of: $13,000! A HUGE thanks to everyone who’s supported us to this point! This, combined with another grant we’ve received for $8,000, and we’re officially $15,000 away from our fundraising goal of $36,000!

Also, we have one more exciting announcement! Compass, an organization in Kearney, has chosen to feature our family this year as their sponsored adoptive family for their “Glow In The Dark Run” that will take place this October 4th! To say we’re excited is an understatement! Exercise that doesn’t feel like exercise? A night out with friends? A chance to run down the streets with glow sticks? Sign me up! More on this later!

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