Ask The Artist – Photographer, Michael Nyffeler

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Ask The Artist – Photographer, Michael Nyffeler

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I’m excited to share our next Artist in the “Ask The Artist” series with you! (Now taking your questions until Monday, July 30th, at midnight!)

Michael Nyffeler, is a videographer and photographer who’s first international venture was in 2005 when he traveled to New Zealand for a year. He’s since traveled the globe to a total of 23+ countries, living in 7 for a month or longer documenting life and reality for many around the world.

In the past two years his travels have found him abroad for nearly 12 months. A round-the-world trip spanning the sum of five months began in LA and continued to Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, UAE, Turkey, England… finally reaching it’s end in Denver, CO. His most recent trip, lasting 6 months, included short-term living in Spain and Croatia with continued journeys to Montenegro, Albania, Greece, and a stop over in Ireland.

So there you have it! Michael Nyffeler: friend, videographer, photographer, world traveler and seeker of truth. And, the best part is…. he’s taking YOUR questions! If you have a questions for Michael, leave your question in the comments section below, on the ENM Creative Facebook site or email them to me by Monday, July 30th, at midnight.

Still not sure what to ask? Michael’s been gracious enough to share some previews from his adventures abroad with you in the images attached below. May they inspire you and spark a question!

(All Images below copyright Michael Nyffeler)

Sitting in on a surgery in the DR Congo Africa…

Climbing to the foot of the #10 & #7 peaks on earth for The Himalayan Gap project in Nepal…

US Pro Tour Challenge in Colorado…

Shooting Jay-Z on main stage…

…and Weezer stealing his camera on stage at Bonnaroo…

Hiking to an underwater buddhist temple in Bali…

A bonfire protest in Valencia, Spain…

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  1. Did you ever have problems getting you gear across borders? How did you pack for the trips to carry everything?

  2. Since you did say questionS Erin, I have a short list! :)

    1. What got you started in photography/videography and especially doing it internationally?
    2. How many foreign languages do you speak (not necessarily fluently, but for conversation/communication purposes)?
    3. Have you ever gotten to go into countries that are more concerned (i.e. paranoid) about foreign media (photographers, journalists, etc.) misrepresenting their countries? If so, how was this accomplished and was it done without paying bribes?
    4. How has being exposed to a variety of other cultures influenced your work? Were there ever any differences between these other cultures and American culture that made your work more challenging/interesting?
    5. What is the most unique photograph you have from your experiences overseas and what’s the story behind it?
    6. Are there any other places you still want to photograph but haven’t been to yet? If so, which ones and why?
    7. It says on this page you’re a “seeker of truth”. Could you explain that statement further?


  3. love love love your work mr. nyffeler. :)

    i’m curious about your gear and how you carry all of it around. also, what’s been the highlight of your photojournalism career? and if you had the choice of staying in one country forever what would it be?

    thanks for letting me live vicariously through your images. :)

  4. Erin

    Thanks everyone for your questions! Michael has your questions now and is working on answering them for you!

    Beth, I love how you totally took advantage of this and asked away! That’s what we’re doing this for so your questions are definitely welcome.


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