Ask The Artist – Bryan, VOTA lead vocals and guitar

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Ask The Artist – Bryan, VOTA lead vocals and guitar

Today you’re in for a real treat!

Bryan Olesen, lead vocals and guitar of VOTA, is answering questions you submit in the comments section of this post now through this Wednesday at midnight!

With their latest album released in January, their new songs have already made a debut on radio stations across the country…

But, there’s a great cause behind this great music! VOTA has joined forces with Tiny Hands, an organization that works to stop and prevent human trafficking. Here’s where things get exciting… currently, you can download their latest album FOR FREE at this link! Any income from donations for the free download will go 100% to Tiny Hands! Here’s a special message from Bryan about this opportunity:

When I asked Bryan what inspires him, he said “I’m inspired by creativity. Not just creating something new but thinking of creative ways to do things differently than the way they’ve always been done. This new album of ours is exciting to me because we are giving it away to help fight human trafficking in Nepal. Record labels wouldn’t work with us because they didn’t understand how they were going to make money. That just fuels my fire all the more to try. I find myself asking “why not?” often. I’m not afraid to try something. It excites me to carve a new path and not take the road that’s so often taken. So what do you dream about? What’s holding you back? Don’t be afraid to try!”

Bryan began playing the guitar when he was 14. Having no money for a guitar amplifier, he rigged his boom box stereo to be an amp. “It was actually kind of cool because I could play a cassette (yes cassette) of my favorite band and immediately learn how to play the song through the same boom box.” Over the next five years he practiced and wrote music from his room. The first band he was a part of lived 7 hours away from his home, but he drove the distance to make it to practice. Eventually this band morphed into the band Casting Pearls and they played whenever they could.

A day Bryan considers one of the craziest times in his life was when one of the biggest bands in Christian music, Newsboys, called and asked him to be their guitar player. For the next 3 years he travelled the world with them. “It was an amazing experience for me. Some of the highlights were playing concerts in Morocco in front of 15,000 muslims and playing on the beach of the Sea of Galilee in Israel.” In 2006, Bryan left Newsboys to pursue Casting Pearls (which later became VOTA) full time. Together, they started a ministry called the 180 Tour, an outreach for high school students and have traveled the world together making life long friends along the way.

Have a question or comment? Don’t forget to leave them in the comments section below for Bryan’s reply!

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  1. Are there days when you get in a ‘rut’ creatively? Like not having any inspiration for new music, or even having a desire to play music that day? How do you overcome those times?

  2. Do you choose who produces your albums or does a record label make that decision for you? It said your first big break was when the Newsboys called you to play guitar for them, how did they hear about you?

  3. What it like on the road touring? Does everyone get along for the most part? Is it difficult finding time to yourself when you’re on the road?

  4. Who is the most memorable person/group you have played with?

  5. Do u have any plans for your music in the future u can share with us?

  6. How did you first get radio stations to play your music?

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