My Favorites – 7 Blogs To Follow

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My Favorites – 7 Blogs To Follow

Earlier this year, I shared with you some of my favorite go-to site for all things I find creative and inspiring. To see what those were, you can visit the post here: Collecting Ideas – 7 Creative Go-To Sites. Still some of my favorites.

But today, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite blogs with you. Ranging from a quirky illustrator with an incredible imagination, to a mother’s constant battle to keep her home organized and children entertained, here’s my top 7…

(PS: Don’t see your favorite blog below? Well, don’t keep it to yourself! Share it with us in the comments of this post! I’d love to check out yours.)

1. Young House Love

From small home projects to room renovations, if you’re looking for a home project or just want to be inspired by someone else’s, this site is for you.

2. Under The Sycamore

I love this blog! She’s a fellow photographer, adoptive parent from China and seems to share a passion for many of the same things as me. Many of her blog posts about their adoption are hard to read without my tearing up. Sometimes the wait for our little guy seems endless and it’s always a comfort to read someone else’s story. Someone who’s ventured into this great unknown and come out on the other side of all this.

3. Man Made DIY

Ok, if you’re a woman, the title of this blog may throw you off a bit. Let me warn you that this is a blog written by a guy, for guys. But! He has some pretty awesome projects and tips on here including: kitchen ideas, creative ways to use concrete in your home, how to make a lunchbox out of wood and leather, “7 donut recipes that will change your life” and a special category called “Blow My Mindsday” which is a combo of pictures, images, links… basically anything from the web that, well, might blow your mind. If you’re a crafty/creative female, don’t skip this one! Give it a chance. You’ll be glad you did!

4. Flower Patch Farm Girl

A friend told me about this site fairly recently and I already love it! Stories of life and Recipes worth trying.

5. Mark Ludy

This guy’s work is just fun! I’ve been following Mark’s work for a while now and I love his illustrations! His latest project is to create a wordless picture book of the Noah’s Ark story from the bible. It’s going to be awesome! I’m planning to get his “Digging To China” piece sometime for our little guy’s room :)

6. Dreamsicle Sisters

Filled with lots of create DIY ideas: decorating, crafting, recipes… lots of good stuff here.

7. All For The Boys

I’ll give you one guess why I like this blog. While we wait for the arrival of our little guy, I’ve been looking for fun activities to do as a family and this blog’s packed full of them! Let’s face it, we may already love our little boy, but, it will be a while before he cares to return the feeling. And… what better way to bond as a family than with a whole lotta fun and play?!

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  1. I love reading the Young House Love blog! I’ll have to give the rest of these a try as well. Thanks for sharing!

    • Erin

      Young House Love is an awesome blog! Glad to hear you like it too :) Let me know what you think of the others once you check them out!

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