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We’re adopting again! Yay!

We have been accepted to the China program through Holt International and are excited to see who God has in store for our family. If you ask C, he’s quick to tell you he doesn’t know if it will be a brother or sister, but he’s been practicing for either. He’s also been sharing some of his ideas for remodeling our house… “If we move this wall, my brother or sister can be next to my room…”

This is a big step for us and we would LOVE your prayers as we continue this process.

Things we are praying for…

- That God would prepare our hearts to love and care for this child.
- That God would prepare the child’s heart to receive love and care.
- That God would protect the child. It’s hard to imagine, but it is likely our child already exists. For now, they are faceless to us, but known by God. We are praying he would protect him or her from all physical, mental and spiritual harm and that God would fill his/her heart with love, joy and peace while he or she is not with us.
- Peace for us while we are going through this process. With so many unknowns and obstacles, I’ll admit I’m nervous and stressed about it at times.

You may be wondering…

- Will you have a boy or girl? We don’t know. We’re leaving it open to whoever God chooses to bring into our lives. However, because we have not listed a preference, most likely we will be matched with a boy as there are currently more boys needing homes than girls.
- How old will our child be? Our guess is about 2-2.5yrs old. This is about the same age C was when we first became a family.
- Will they be cleft palate like C? Maybe.
- Will we fund-raise? Unsure, probably not in a traditional sense. I have some furniture/crafty projects in the works that enable me to earn a little money on the side to help deffer some of our adoption costs. But for now, there are no plans to do any formal fundraising. We may do something with C, like making cupcakes or something fun like this so the whole family can play a part in bringing our little one home, but that would be a future thought.

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