12 Days of Christmas DIY: Magazine Tree

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12 Days of Christmas DIY: Magazine Tree

I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Christmas Eve and enjoying some well-earned rest and family time!

Tonight, we’ll be heading to church with the family, then, home for games, snacks and hot apple cider. Do you have a family tradition?

For this next DIY, I wanted to share something simple and fun that you can use as an accent on a side table or desk. My friends taught me how to make these at our Christmas craft night. They’re incredibly easy. All you need is a magazine and some decorative ribbon. When our group created these, we didn’t use decorative ribbon, so I’d consider that optional as well.

CHRISTMAS DIY #11: Magazine Christmas Tree

Step One: Fold each page down to the center.

Step two: Fold it down again.

Step 3: Fold up the tail that’s hanging over.

Step 4: Do the same with the remaining pages in the magazine.

Step 5: Add accents (ribbon, a star, ect)

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